JDAC Computing Solutions Services

JDAC Computing Solutions Hardware Support
Hardware Support

Slow response time, or latency, in PCs and Workstations can be due to either hardware or software issues. Let JDAC Computing Solutions perform a detailed assessment of your systems and provide the proper recommendation. Depending on the age of your systems, simple upgrades can be the key to improved productivity that allow you to avoid the expensive cost of replacing these systems.

JDAC's additional services include:

  • • Data Recovery
  • • Custom PC Builds

JDAC Computing Solutions Website Development
Web Solutions

JDAC Computing Solutions is proud to offer a full range of web solutions. Whether you need a simple point-of-presence web site built to your specifications, or require a more functionally dynamic web site that offers a wide range of rich interactive features, JDAC Computing Solutions can assist you.

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JDAC Computing Solutions Software Support
Software Support

Malware. Adware. Viruses. Rootkits. Trojans. Ransomeware. Scareware. The list goes on and on. Unfortunately, for every honest PC user on the internet today, there are countless hackers attempting to hijack their computers, steal their information, or turn them into unwitting netbots. JDAC Computing Solutions relies on time-tested Free Open Source solutions with superior performance records to fix your slow-running or hijacked computers and keep them free of problems and running fast. These solutions include network, email, web, system, and file protections. Don't waste your hard-earned money on purchased solutions whose providers rely on the existence of threats for their livelihoods.

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JDAC Computing Solutions Search Engine Optimization
SEO & Analytics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics are key to a successful on-line presence. More and more people today rely on the internet to initiate purchases. Fewer and fewer rely on telephone books that are updated only once per year. If your business website has not been optimized, or was not built with SEO as a goal, your business is missing out on potential sales opportunities. If you feel that your business website should be driving more business than it does, Contact JDAC Computing Solutions.

JDAC has over 20 years experience designing and developing business websites and utilizes a comprehensive checklist in the development process to ensure that your business website will increase new prospect potential.

JDAC Computing Solutions Networking and Infrastructure
Networking & Infrastructure

Whether you're running a private network at home or a business network, need a new network set up or an existing network improved, let JDAC Solutions conduct an Infrastructure Assessment. JDAC will identify current trouble spots, make recommendations, and implement solutions to improve your business or home network.

JDAC Computing Solutions Application Development Services
Application Development

JDAC Computing Solutions has over 30 years experience in software applications development - ranging from Department of Defense AI projects to Client Server Development to fully architected web-based applications which utilize the lastest and best technologies. JDAC specializes in full life cycle application development and can meet your buiness needs whether they consist of enhancing existing business applications or building custom tailored critical business applications to improve productivity.